Ferme du Monde in Carentoir: An Educational and Fun Experience for the Whole Family

Located in the heart of Brittany, the Ferme du Monde in Carentoir is a must-visit destination for families seeking an educational and fun experience. This unique educational farm offers a fascinating immersion into the agricultural world, allowing visitors to discover animals from around the globe and understand the workings of an eco-friendly farm. Get ready for a day filled with discoveries and emotions.

A Journey Around the Animal World

The Ferme du Monde in Carentoir hosts an incredible diversity of animals from all five continents. As you walk through the park, you will encounter exotic species such as South American llamas, Asian yaks, Australian kangaroos, and many more. Each enclosure is designed to recreate the animals’ natural habitats, offering an authentic and educational experience for both young and old.

Discovering farm animals

In addition to exotic animals, the Ferme du Monde in Carentoir is home to a wide variety of traditional farm animals. Children will love meeting chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows, and can even participate in activities such as cow milking and animal feeding. These direct interactions allow visitors to better understand the role and importance of each animal on the farm.

Educational and Pedagogical activities

The Ferme du Monde in Carentoir offers numerous educational activities to raise awareness about sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Workshops are organized to teach visitors how to make bread, butter, or garden in an eco-friendly way. Informative panels and interactive animations line the path, making the visit both instructive and fun.

An Eco-Friendly and sustainable f

The farm is actively committed to environmentally friendly farming practices. The use of organic methods to cultivate fields and feed animals is at the heart of their mission. Visitors can learn more about permaculture techniques, composting, and sustainable resource management. This ecological approach is an inspiring model for aspiring farmers and nature enthusiasts.

Walking and relaxing in nature

The enchanting setting of the Ferme du Monde in Carentoir invites relaxation and contemplation. The vast green spaces, ponds, and flower gardens offer perfect spots for family picnics or simply resting after a day of discoveries. Play areas and relaxation spaces are also available for the enjoyment of the youngest visitors.

Preparing for your visit

To fully enjoy your day at the Ferme du Monde in Carentoir, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor walking. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks, although you can also take advantage of the on-site dining options. Check the farm’s website for opening hours, prices, and special events to plan your visit accordingly.

The Ferme du Monde in Carentoir is an ideal destination for a family outing that combines entertainment and education. By discovering animals from around the world, participating in educational workshops, and exploring a preserved natural setting, both young and old will leave with unforgettable memories. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a unique adventure in Brittany, where nature and sustainable agriculture are celebrated.