Discover the Poet Scrap Metal universe near Bois Peschard Cottages

The Poet Scrap Metal Universe is an enchanting site for visitors to Brittany, situated close to the charming Bois Peschard cottages. This unique venue, where art meets nature, provides a captivating experience for all ages. Dive into a world where kinetic sculptures blend into a picturesque setting, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your stay at our cottages.

Exploring the Poet Scrap Metal Universe

Created by artist Robert Coudray, the Poet Scrap Metal Universe is an open-air museum showcasing over 80 animated machines and kinetic sculptures. Crafted entirely from recycled materials, these works tell stories filled with poetry and ingenuity. Just a short drive from the Bois Peschard cottages, this museum is a hidden gem of the region, offering fascinating discoveries and moments of pure imagination.

Why visit the Poet Scrap Metal Universe during your stay?

Visiting the Poet Scrap Metal Universe during your stay at the Bois Peschard cottages offers the chance to:

  • Experience interactive art: Each sculpture invites interaction, providing a unique immersive experience.
  • Appreciate ecological ingenuity: The artist’s commitment to using recycled materials inspires reflection on our own environmental impact.
  • Explore local heritage: The site enhances your understanding of Breton culture, blending creativity with tradition.

Activities for the whole family

The Poet Scrap Metal Universe offers activities for all ages, making every visit distinctive:

  • Creative workshops: Participate in workshops where you can create your own small kinetic artwork.
  • Playful trails: Explore the artworks through scavenger hunts and puzzles designed for both children and adults.
  • Artistic picnics: Take advantage of landscaped green spaces for a family picnic amid the artworks.

The Poet Scrap Metal Universe is more than just a tourist attraction; it is an immersion into a world where art is experienced and shared. Located near the Bois Peschard cottages, it is the perfect destination to enrich your stay in Brittany with a splash of creativity and wonder. Do not miss this unique experience that will surely awaken your imagination and that of your loved ones.