Discover the Auberge des Voyajoueurs in Monteneuf, near our Bois Peschard cottages, for a playful and unique stay in Brittany.

Located near our Bois Peschard cottages, the Auberge des Voyajoueurs in Monteneuf offers a unique and playful experience in Brittany. This inn, dedicated to games from around the world, is the perfect place for families, friends, and game enthusiasts looking to combine relaxation and entertainment. Discover why the Auberge des Voyajoueurs is a must-visit destination during your stay in our beautiful region.

An Innovative and Playful Concept

The Auberge des Voyajoueurs stands out with its original concept that combines comfortable accommodation with a wide variety of games. Whether you enjoy board games, strategy games, or traditional games, you will find plenty to entertain you among the hundreds of games available. This inn is a true paradise for players of all ages.

Comfortable and welcoming Accommodation

The rooms at the Auberge des Voyajoueurs are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation after a day of games and exploration. Each room is carefully decorated, blending modernity with traditional Breton touches. You will feel at home in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Activities for everyone

In addition to games, the Auberge des Voyajoueurs offers a variety of activities to enhance your stay. Game creation workshops, themed evenings, and friendly competitions are regularly organized. Furthermore, the inn is surrounded by the beautiful nature of Monteneuf, offering numerous opportunities for hiking and exploration.

A place for meetings and sharing

The Auberge des Voyajoueurs is more than just a place to stay; it’s a space for meetings and sharing. You will have the chance to meet other game enthusiasts, exchange strategies, and share unforgettable moments around a game. The friendly atmosphere and community spirit are at the heart of this unique inn.

Close to the Bois Peschard Cottages

The Auberge des Voyajoueurs is only a few kilometers away from our Bois Peschard cottages. After a day of games and activities, you can easily return to our cottages for a peaceful and comfortable night. Take advantage of the ideal location of our cottages to explore the region and experience varied and enriching activities.

The Auberge des Voyajoueurs in Monteneuf is a must-visit destination for all lovers of games and conviviality. Close to our Bois Peschard cottages, it offers a perfect combination of entertainment, relaxation, and cultural discoveries. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique stay in Brittany, where every moment is an invitation to joy and connection.