Discover Branféré Zoo: a natural escape near our Cottages

Located just minutes from our charming cottages, Branféré Zoo in Branféré offers an unforgettable experience for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts. This zoological and botanical park is not just a place to see animals; it’s designed as a space where wildlife lives in near-freedom in a natural and preserved setting.

Branféré Park is a magical place where education, conservation, and relaxation meet. Founded on respect for nature and species, the park spans over 40 hectares and is home to a remarkable variety of animals from all continents. Giraffes, rhinoceroses, and lemurs mingle with more local species in an environment that mimics their natural habitats as closely as possible.

One of the unique features of Branféré Zoo is its educational approach. The park includes a Nicolas Hulot School for Nature and Man, where both children and adults can learn about biodiversity and ecosystems. Educational programs and interactive workshops are designed to raise visitor awareness about nature conservation and ecology.

Besides animal discovery, the park offers immersive experiences such as the Parcabout, a series of nets suspended in the trees that provide a unique perspective of the park. This adds an adventurous touch to your visit, perfect for a family day out.

After a day full of discoveries, there’s nothing better than relaxing in one of our nearby cottages. Our accommodations offer the comfort and tranquility needed to unwind after a day of exploration. They are also the perfect spot to plan your next adventures in the area.

Visiting Branféré Zoo is more than just an outing; it’s an opportunity to learn and connect with nature while creating lasting memories. We invite you to explore this wonderful attraction, guaranteeing an enriching experience for all ages.